Travis Rosen

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Travis Rosen Bio

Travis Rosen knows obstacles. A dad, pro ninja, and public speaker/author, he's spent the past ten years aspiring to conquer the formidable obstacle course competition American Ninja Warrior, currently in it's 11th season on NBC! A former All American gymnast, Rosen--now age 44--continues to overcome the seemingly impossible, earning him nicknames such as The Ageless Wonder and Mr. Consistency. His ability to inspire is more poignant than ever, after making a miraculous comeback from season 10's horrific National Finals ankle injury.

His storied career began in season two, with highlights including being the first American to climb stage four's 77 ft tower on USA vs The World, being a two-time member of Team USA--as well as captain--and being a top-five finisher, five times. Additionally, Rosen is the only American with eight consecutive trips to the ANW Finals with six stage one clears. He has also enjoyed success as team captain of runner-up Team TNT on seasons one and two of the ANW: Ninja vs Ninja series (formerly Team Ninja Warrior).

Season 10 of American Ninja Warrior--his 9th--presented Rosen with his biggest obstacle to date: overcoming the severely broken ankle he sustained while crash landing during the National Finals. Receiving news post-surgery that he may never run again, Rosen has become a walking miracle--not only healing better than expected but making his return to ninja action less than one year after his horrible injury.

When he's not training or spending time with family, Rosen's living is as diverse as the obstacles he faces. He is a speaker with Nashville-based Premiere Speakers Bureau and GOA Speakers, where his impact has been immediate and far-reaching. Speaking on subjects he's lived and breathed such as the reality of miracles, believing for the impossible, preparing for success, overcoming adversity, faith, teamwork, and the value of perseverance, his message has reached tens of thousands. Additionally, 2017 saw Rosen sign with Premiere Authors. "Every time I step onto a Ninja course I get the privilege to inspire others. Speaking and writing give me even more exciting avenues to call upon this roller-coaster ninja journey, in order to help others. To know I can provide the spark to an individual, group, or team to better themselves or their situation it's so gratifying." He also spends time traversing the wiles of the stock market as a trader, and when able, enjoys training ninjas of the present--and future.

"My longevity and consistency on American Ninja Warrior, including the countless victories as well as defeats, have given me the unique opportunity to convey the importance of unrelenting persistence, teamwork, faith and hope, and never quitting in the midst of incredible adversity. It's a message that resonates because that's life."

Originally hailing from Eugene, OR., Rosen served as co-captain on the University of Iowa's men's gymnastics team, where he graduated with a major in Japanese--including a one year study abroad in Japan, at Tsukuba University ( ). He currently resides in Franklin, TN., where his wife, three kids, and faith in Jesus continue to motivate him in his quest for Ninja's "Total Victory."