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Todd Starnes

Todd Starnes FNC, fox news, Fox news Channel Todd Starnes FNC, fox news, Fox news Channel
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Todd Starnes

Host of Fox Nation’s “Starnes Country,” Host of Fox Radio's “The Todd Starnes Show," and Bestselling author of 4 books

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About Todd Starnes

Todd Starnes has been an on-air talent at Fox News Channel for more than a decade. Todd is the host of "Starnes Country" on Fox Nation (a streaming service by Fox News Channel) and "The Todd Starnes Radio Show." His three-hour daily radio program is nationally syndicated to more than 100 radio stations and can be heard Monday-Friday.

He also hosts a daily short-form radio commentary are heard on more than 500 radio stations around the nation.

Todd writes a syndicated newspaper column that also ...

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Religious Liberty

American Christians are facing uncertain times. Our nation’s values are under assault. Religious liberty has been undermined. We live in a day when right is now wrong and wrong is now right. As a reporter ...

Politics and Faith

After President Reagan brought morning to America, conservatives took a nap. We grew complacent. And faster than you could say “Read my lips,” the nation elected a community organizer. So how can we prevent ...

American Values

President Obama called us bitter. Hillary Clinton called us irredeemable. The mainstream media called us backwater bigots. We were mocked by Hollywood and dismissed by academics. With the election of Donald ...

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The Deplorables' Guide by Todd Starnes
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