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Tiny had the attention of the whole group and everyone laughed and left with more knowledge on how to interact with people of many different cultures. This was a presentation packed with practical examples. She is very skilled at involving large audiences in the presentation. She delivers her message with confidence, humor, stories, and excellent visual impact with slides and videos to enhance her message. Her presentation concluded our symposium and left the audience on a very high note and extremely satisfied with our event.

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Over the course of three days, Tina delivered four equally, funny and informative sessions, each met with resounding success. It was a delight to see how engaged employees were and their genuine desire to better understand and embrace inclusivity. Tina even received unsolicited emails from staff thanking her for teaching something they hadn't previously thought about or recognized, which clearly demonstrates the value-add she brought to the Syncrude organization.
- Public Affairs Advisor, Syncrude Canada Ltd.

Syncrude Canada Ltd.

Tina was a pleasure to work with! Her presentation was insightful and fun--she had a room of senior management giggling up a storm. Her inclusive leadership strategies are accessible and easily to implement, which resonated with our organization. Her seminar reminded me that leadership and positivity are traits that can be fostered in individuals such as employees and team members, not just management! The impact of this for an organization is significant. Tina's cheerful attitude and refreshing approach shaped the mood for the conference and we couldn't be happier.

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I LOVED your presentation and could have sat in that conference room all day listening to you. It really shows that you are in your element and love what you do. Thank you for speaking with such passion about a topic that a lot more people need to hear about these days. You were definitely one of the people that automatically felt the drawn to. You have a beautiful soul and possess the energy of a million watt light bulb.

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Your session was the fuel I needed. I've been saying for at least a year now that I want to specialize in the "New to Canada" market. I had fear of not knowing enough or saying the right things. Well, that has changed! Thank-you Tina for a wonderful session!

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