Steve Farber

Steve Farber, Accountability, Culture/Work Environment NSB, leadership, management, leadership conference, Managers Meeting Steve Farber, Accountability, Culture/Work Environment NSB, leadership, management, leadership conference, Managers Meeting

Steve Farber Text Reviews

"BRAVO! Where do I begin to thank you for your outstanding performance at our recent convention in New York? It was my personal and professional privilege tow work with you! Thank you for making ASA and me look so good!"
American Staffing Association
"Steve Farber connects...he has a rare ability to inspire people to think about what's really important to them and how to turn that into reality for their lives."
Carl English - President, Consumers Energy, Gas SBU
"Your presentation had a profound impact on many people, including me, and will play a role in the thinking and spirit necessary to continue our success for tomorrow."
Jeff Lundrof - President & CEO, Eric Insurance Group
"Steve Farber is a wholly original and singular talent. His voice is unique, his passion is authentic, and his practical knowledge runs deep. Farber is a teacher, a provocateur and an entertainer extraordinaire."
Jim Kouzes - Co-author, The Leadership Challenge, Credibility and Encouraging the Heart
"Farber is stimulating, funny and most important, effective. You won't just walk away entertained; you'll chage the way you lead."
Terry Pearce - Author, Leading Out Loud; co-author, Clicks and Mortar; President, Leadership Communication
Dear Steve...I can tell you first hand that our audience greatly resonated with your provocative and inspirational comments...From all of us at Raytheon, please accept our best wishes as you continue to spread the word. You have a powerful message that is artfully delivered!
[Your presentation] was "bang on," as the English say, extremely effective, and will be forever remembered by the members who were there. I have subsequently heard from several members who read your book on the way home and now aspire to use the LEAP process in their daily professional lives.
The American Orthopaedic Association
It was an honor to have you among our distinctive speakers and to experience first hand not only your message on leadership, but your enthusiasm and energy as well. Your examples, authenticity, and humor captivated the attendees and left them wanting more!
FCC Services, Inc.
Your message of Extreme Leadership was directly on-target and inspired the entire group. Your mix of humor and emotion, together with the relevance of the topic to our situation at General Mills, kept the audience captivated. Thanks again for a great day and a compelling message. We will all remember the key message that you delivered and its importance to our everyday life both at work and home: 'Do what you love in the service of people who love what you do.
General Mills
The strength of our leadership defines our success as a firm, and your presentation on "extreme leadership" provided our attendees with the means to become better leaders.
Ernst & Young