Stephen Klasko M.D.

Stephen Klasko M.D., Health & Wellness NSB Stephen Klasko M.D., Health & Wellness NSB
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Stephen Klasko M.D.: Tedx: What healthcare will look like in 2020
Stephen Klasko M.D.: American Healthcare at a Crossroads
Stephen Klasko M.D.: Biography
Stephen Klasko M.D.: Is There An Avatar in the House?

Stephen Klasko M.D.

President of Thomas Jefferson University and CEO, Jefferson Health

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Philadelphia, PA
About Stephen Klasko M.D.

Dr. Klasko is an author, an entrepreneur and a believer in the creative and optimistic transformation of healthcare and higher education. He has been a CEO of two multibillion-dollar health systems, a university president, and a dean of two highly ranked medical colleges. Currently he is pursuing his passion to bridge the traditional healthcare ecosystem with the emerging world of digital medicine and innovation. As President of Thomas Jefferson University, he directed a merger between an almost ...

I would like to thank you once again for participating at our 2018 AMS Phoenix Conference. Your keynote was thought provoking and engaging, and your participation in the closing panel of the event was very positively received by the conference participants, and there was extremely positive feedback on social media.

Associated Medical Services

As the opening speaker for our annual conference, Dr. Stephen Klasko needed to set the bar high for our three-day event--and he did not disappoint. His use of humor and pop culture references had the audience completely engaged, and his clear message and thoughtful presentation provided valuable insight for the attendees to bring back to their companies. Dr. Klasko was everything you want in a Keynote speaker and more. Simply put, he was exceptional.

Texas Association of Health Plans

Dear Dr. Klasko, I want to thank you for serving as the keynote speaker for our Texas Covered Conference + Expo last week. Your presentation on the future of health care was entertaining (I always appreciate a Star Wars reference) and informative, and it really set high expectations for the entire event. We could not have asked for a better speaker. Thank you so much for coming and being exceptional.

TX Association of Health Plans
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