Stephen Frost Text Reviews

I have been fortunate enough to work with Stephen on a couple of occasions, and he always brings a compelling mix of engaging ideas, opinion, fascinating experience, insight and humor to bring to life Inclusive Leadership discussion and debate. Change is personal, and Stephen has acted as a positive catalyst to help guide individuals and organizations we partner with to broaden their thinking, re-focus on D&I Culture and proactively lead change.
Tim Cozze-Young, Executive Engagement Program Manager - Microsoft UK
I invited Steve to give a lecture at Harvard Business School on diversity in the workplace. He was fantastic. He was able to successfully engage the students on a sensitive topic without offending anyone. Many, myself included, came away thinking differently about the value of diversity in the workplace. His presentation was so much more than the platitudes that many of us have come to expect from a diversity talk. Of particular value was a discussion of concrete strategies to successfully create an inclusive environment beyond just setting quotas. I can highly recommend Steve.
Brigitte C Madrian - Aetna Professor of Public Policy and Corporate Management - Harvard University
With humor and pragmatism, Stephen Frost uses stories to show what works and doesn't in building inclusive teams. He makes a clear business case for leaving aside 'Diversity 101' trainings and preaching. Instead, he offers proven strategies, based on metrics and proven results, for removing bias from the interview process and for recruiting diverse applicants.
Michele Wucker, President - World Policy Institute.