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Show Stopping Performance. Life Changing Message.
Latest Review
Dan Thurmon was, by far, the highest rated aspect of our conference, based on attendee survey results. His presentation was inspirational, ...
16 Reviews · 12 Videos
Award-Winning CEO, Presidential Appointee, former US Ambassador and UN Delegate
Latest Review
Lisa inspired our alumni and gave them the confidence to make outside-the-box moves to reach their purpose and potential. Her approach was ...
8 Reviews · 9 Videos
District of Columbia  
Futurist, Author and Innovation Expert
Latest Review
Nick Webb did a wonderful closing session at our Annual NRC Health Symposium in 2021. The audience appreciated Nick's fun, engaging and clear ...
10 Reviews · 10 Videos
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Disruptive Innovator, Entrepreneur, Ellen Degeneres Favorite Teacher, Published Author.
Latest Review
We just wrapped with Michael a few minutes ago and were so impressed. He brought so much energy and so many resources - and humor! I know our ...
20 Reviews · 12 Videos
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Humorous Nationally Acclaimed Economist and Speaker
Latest Review
"Our company conducts quarterly seminars and there is typically a 25%-30% percent no-show rate. For Elliot's presentation, the crowd was ...
3 Reviews · 4 Videos
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One of the World's Leading Technology Forecasters and Business Strategists
Latest Review
Daniel Burrus was fabulous! He received rave reviews from our participants for his relevancy, insight, expertise, and style. He's the only ...
11 Reviews · 7 Videos
NYT's Bestselling author, Consultant and Communicator
Latest Review
The most telling aspect of our experience was after the presentation and book signing, when you met with some of our people and talked about the ...
10 Reviews · 3 Videos
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Author, Educator and Business Consultant
Latest Review
We were looking for a resource to relay the appropriate message; without a doubt we found the right organization in Beveridge.
4 Reviews
President of Broyhill Leadership Conference, Comedic Motivator, Inspirational Speaker
Latest Review
Michael was outstanding, funny, animated, passionate and very professional. He helped close the show and was the buzz for hours after the ...
4 Reviews · 1 Video
North Carolina  
Redesign Your Workplace – Innovate Your Collaboration
Latest Review
Tim was fantastic. We had high engagement throughout the session. I really appreciated that Tim sent over the 4k video and audio assets. That was ...
10 Reviews · 5 Videos
Best-Selling Author, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host and Constitutional Lawyer
Mark Levin is best known as the host of The Mark Levin Show, one of the most respected political radio shows in the country. Mark's newest project...
3 Videos
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Delivering success in a challenging world
Latest Review
We had the pleasure of inviting Chris to our annual leadership conference this year which was absolutely fantastic and a really pertinent part of ...
10 Reviews · 6 Videos
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Digital Innovation and Disruption
Latest Review
Few people can meaningfully speak of both the entrepreneur's universe and the Fortune 50. Dave Knox's unique background in these two worlds gives ...
12 Reviews · 4 Videos
Founders of Mixtroz and Award Winning Entrepreneurs
Latest Review
Dear Ms.Ammons, Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me after your presentation about some of the basics of starting your own ...
13 Reviews · 6 Videos
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Founder of RainmakerThinking, Inc. and Top Expert on Leadership Development and Generational Issues in the Workplace
Latest Review
Bruce Tulgan was educated as a lawyer, but discovered his real passion in the study of how people work and manage. Bruce brings that passion to ...
11 Reviews · 9 Videos
Nationally Syndicated Personal Finance Columnist, The Washington Post
Latest Review
The speech/presentation was filled with information that the students, faculty, staff, and administrators were able to apply to their own ...
7 Reviews · 3 Videos · 2 Books
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Legendary Baseball Player; Led Team USA to a Gold Medal in the 1988 Olympics
Latest Review
"Jim Abbott is awesome. You could hear a pin drop during his speech. Frankly, I am not a baseball fan, don't really know that much about it, but ...
2 Reviews · 1 Video
Author of Become the Exception, Sales & Marketing Edutainer
Latest Review
The feedback received from the 156 attendees has been nothing short of spectacular, illustrated by the standing ovation you received. Your ...
5 Reviews · 3 Videos
Health care entrepreneur, policy analyst and trend spotter
Dr. Keckley is Managing Editor of The Keckley Report, a weekly blog covering health industry trends and issues, a healthcare futurist and...
1 Video
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Driving Growth Through Innovation
Latest Review
Robert's presentation has impressed our seniors and regional managers during the Quality Conference and they would love to have him back here ...
3 Reviews · 6 Videos