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Former Economics Teacher of 37 years at Cornell University and George Washington University
Latest Review
I have known Steve for almost 30 years and there is no academic who is more dynamic and insightful speaker. He has a rare ability to make complex ...
1 Review · 1 Video
District of Columbia  
Dynamic speaking duo of Jason Lauritsen and Joe Gerstandt
Talent Anarchy is the dynamic speaking duo of Jason Lauritsen and Joe Gerstandt. A Talent Anarchy keynote is not for the faint of heart. They will...
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With nearly three decades experience in international motorsport, including senior roles with the Jordan and Red Bull Racing Formula One teams as...
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#1 Bestselling Business Author, Organizational Culture, Employee Engagement and Teamwork Expert
Latest Review
Chester's extremely high energy is contagious with audiences as he inspired and motivated our attendees. He really took the time to get to know ...
11 Reviews · 7 Videos
New Jersey  
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"Invent Business Opportunities No One Can Imagine"
Art Turock is a business speaker and corporate consulting expert. Art Turock, a corporate leadership speaker and motivational business speaker,...
Workplace Consultant and Co-Author of First, Break All the Rules
Latest Review
"Curt Coffman delivered a compelling workshop to corporate members of The Leadership Investment. Not only were we challenged to look at our ...
6 Reviews · 4 Videos
Nationally-Syndicated Radio Hosts
Latest Review
Wow! What a fantastic message you delivered on Sunday! Man, you were right on target--the perfect combination of humor and holiness!
2 Reviews
Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ)
Latest Review
As Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, Jay Sekulow discussed key issues of the First Amendment, his multiple arguments in ...
2 Reviews · 2 Videos · 1 Book
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NBA All Star & America's #1 Team Building Expert
Latest Review
Mark listened and learned how our Human Resources and Legal teams operate, our roles and responsibilities and each person's strengths and ...
15 Reviews · 5 Videos
Dr. Edward G. Rogoff: Professor, Author, Entrepreneur
Latest Review
The Entrepreneurial Conversation shows that by focusing on the real issues of your clients and employees you can work to achieve both their and ...
6 Reviews
Author of multiple books on Alliances; World-renowned Partnering Expert
Latest Review
Your contribution furthered the Drucker Foundation mission to lead sector organizations toward excellence in performance. You were enormously ...
3 Reviews · 1 Video
Solid Business Wisdom With Brilliant Comedic Style
Latest Review
Your performance was once again superb. You had us eating out of your hand. You delivered the messages we asked and had our people in stitches.
12 Reviews · 3 Videos
Communication, Negotiation, Sales, Marketing, Management, Leadership
Latest Review
Because this was a rather long program, we expected only 90% of the people to return after the break, but after the break we had 104% show up. ...
9 Reviews · 7 Videos
Technology pioneer, author and journalist
Latest Review
Many of the delegates mentioned that your session was the most informative of the program--many expressed that they especially appreciated your ...
6 Reviews · 4 Videos
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The Collaborative Maestro of Your Success
Latest Review
Liz made the day both productive and valuable through her high energy, positive attitude, and tremendous subject knowledge and facilitation ...
10 Reviews · 1 Video
$5,500 - $7,500
Quality Executive Transformation Leadership, Microsoft Veteran
Latest Review
Mike was a highlight of our event. He is an engaging speaker with a thoughtful presentation that was relevant to everyone in a large crowd. He ...
1 Review · 2 Videos
Inspiration for the Award Winning Disney Movie "Rudy"
Latest Review
I find Rudy to be an individual of exceptional character and goodwill. His resolve stands as a testament to the enduring brief that an individual ...
4 Reviews · 4 Videos
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Improving People, Performance & Productivity with a Smile!
Latest Review
Conor, I can see why so many of our members raved about your Gift of GAB presentation at National conference and requested that you speak at our ...
5 Reviews · 4 Videos
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Founder and Chairman of Focus 3
Tim Kight is Founder and Chairman of Focus 3, a firm whose mission is to help companies around the world align the power of leadership, culture,...
4 Videos
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Strategic Innovation Expert and Author
Fortune magazine has labeled Gary Hamel "the world's leading expert on business strategy" and The Economist calls him "the world's reigning...
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Speaker, Author and Information Technology Consultant
Ray Bender is a speaker, consultant, and author with over 16 years experience advising Chief Information Officers and other Senior Executives on...