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Scott Steinberg

Scott Steinberg, Advertising NSB, Technology & Trends Scott Steinberg, Advertising NSB, Technology & Trends
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Scott Steinberg: Chase: Master of Innovation
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Scott Steinberg: Trendspotting: How to See Tomorrow's Trends Today
Scott Steinberg: How to Overcome Challenges and Setbacks

Scott Steinberg

Win With Change and Innovation

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Hailed as The Master of Innovation by Chase Bank + Fortune magazine, award-winning strategic consultant, trends expert, and professional speaker Scott Steinberg is a bestselling expert on leadership + innovation. One of America's top futurists (per the BBC); the author of Make Change Work For You, Millennial Marketing, and Becoming Essential; and among today's best-known business strategy + leadership training providers, the Fortune 500 calls him a "defining figure in business and technology" ...

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Leading with Innovation: How to Future-Proof Yourself, Fearlessly Innovate, and Succeed in the New Normal

Even the most successful organizations must continually reinvent their products, processes and enterprises to remain market leaders in an age of growing change, connectivity and globalization. In this ...

Change Management: Creating a Culture of Innovation

Even the most successful modern corporations, associations and professional groups must continually reinvent their products, processes and operations to remain relevant, given the pace at which the modern ...

Redefining Value: How to Identify and Give Customers What They Want

With thousands of businesses and brands competing for shrinking audience awareness and limited purchasing power, the only guaranteed way to compete is to become an invaluable source for meeting customers’ ...

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Lead With Your Heart by Scott Steinberg
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If you really want to know about business, you should refer to Scott Steinberg.

Sir Richard Branson - Virgin Group

One of the best gurus on innovation and competitive advantage strategies to accelerate growth.

European Commission

A great speaker for financial and government audiences . . . his workshop on finance and online fundraising was well worth attending.

David Drake - Soho Loft Events

Not only is Scott a knowledgeable, go-to tech guru, but he is also a PR pro's jack-of-all-trades! Thanks to his assistance, we were able to conduct a very productive and incredibly valuable consumer event for my client.

Lisa M. Rigney - Ogilvy Public Relations

Scott was a great chairman for our Cloud Conference and led the audience through a highly insightful and relevant discussion throughout the two-day agenda. He's professional, accurate and a real pleasure to work with.

Ravi Virpal - FC Business Intelligence

Scott is an engaging, knowledgeable speaker who brings a wealth of experience and insider expertise.

Jonathan Block-Verk - PromaxBDA Marketing Association
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