Scott Hamilton Text Reviews

Scott's appearance at our company pep rally was just what we hoped for. He tailored his talk to meet our needs, and the presentation he gave was perfect. Our associates were energized by his message and his positive outlook. And they were thrilled to have an Olympic champion in their presence. We appreciate Scott's flexibility in working with us, and we look forward to working with him again!
Marc Stefanski, Chairman and CEO - Third Federal Savings & Loan
Scott Hamilton's celebrity is only surpassed by his kindness and ability to connect with audiences. A seasoned communicator, Scott's self-deprecating style, vulnerability and stage presence has the power to move, evoke smiles and most importantly -- pulls audiences forward into their seats and towards something that matters. And working with Scott is a joy since he is collaborative, focused and motivated.
Mike Lundgren, Partner, Director Innovation Strategy - VML
Experiencing Scott speak in front of VML's Kansas City headquarters was remarkable and such a gift. He carries himself with such poise - and evokes enthusiasm, passion and a rate connection with the crowd that leaves people feeling inspired and wanting more.
Sarah Duggan, Supervisor - VML
Scott Hamilton - a gentle soul with a powerful message of hope, endurance, faith and ultimately survivorship. One of the nation's most adored athletes will bring your audience to their feet with his honest and heartfelt delivery of overcoming great obstacles. While his medals are many, his story and second act in life are his greatest achievements. Scott delivers a dynamic call to action to his audience and challenges each person to embrace their obstacles as a way of redirection and change for their life - and he does it all in the way we know Scott Hamilton best - truly Olympic winning style.
Karen Shayne, Co-Founder - Women Survivors Alliance & SURVIVORville
He had the people asking for more.
Tim Sisson, Director - CardinalHealth
Just a note to let you know that Scott KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK last night!!!!!!!!!! He had the audience laughing and crying all at the same time - including me. He got a standing ovation.He was gracious and agile and real - and we could not have asked for a more inspirational way to end the day. We are grateful.
Michelle Soto, Vice President - Conference Services, Premier Inc.
Scott Hamilton was absolutely outstanding last night at our event. He was one of the best speakers we have had over a 15 year period.
Jeffrey R. Jay, M.D. - Great Point Partners, LLC