Princess Sarah Culberson

Princess Sarah Culberson Princess Sarah Culberson
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Princess Sarah Culberson

Princess of Sierra Leone. Humanitarian. Educator. Author of A Princess Found.

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About Princess Sarah Culberson

Princess Sarah Culberson is a top diversity and inclusion keynote speaker who provides programs to build better leadership and company culture.
Princess Sarah was adopted one year after her first birthday by a loving, white West Virginia couple and raised in the United States with little knowledge of her ancestry.

In 2004 Sarah took the journey to Sierra Leone to meet her birth father and family and discovered she was considered a mahaloi, the child of a Paramount Chief, with the status of a ...

Sarah, you are so special--we've been honored to have you join us! There are already conversations about what else you can do with us. We have a tendency to pull great people into our circle.

Capital One

We have been receiving a lot of positive feedback about the event. It was a very engaging session.


Princess Sarah was FANTASTIC! She was engaging, a phenomenal storyteller, and I've received really great feedback about her presentation.

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