Sam Silverstein

Sam Silverstein, Accountability NSB, personal growth, motivational, personal development Sam Silverstein, Accountability NSB, personal growth, motivational, personal development

Sam Silverstein Speech Topics

Virtual Presentation
Sam can do any of his topics virtually! Sam has a substantial studio that allows him to produce and broadcast a multi-camera presentation. Including professional cameras, professional microphones, elaborate lighting, support AV, broadcast switchers, and streaming automation devices.
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Impact of Accountability in Healthcare
It’s no longer enough for hospitals and health systems to have a mission statement hung on a wall. To meet society’s demands in our consumer-driven healthcare marketplace, organizations must change the way they think about people and relationships. Sam teaches healthcare professionals from every...
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The Power of Keeping Commitments… No Matter What™
Alternate Title: Culture by Design VS Culture by Default What does it look like when EVERY member of your organization keeps their commitments? When truth and values are held in the highest esteem? It looks like next-level success. It feels like positive momentum. It lays the foundation for...
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The Highest Form of Leadership™
To win in today’s market, organizations need leaders who can innovate. Explore diversity. Cultivate creativity. Nurture cohesiveness. And foster a culture that embraces change. When they do? Employee engagement soars. Collaboration gets exciting. Productivity is elevated and exponential growth is...
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I Am Accountable
It’s time to show excuses the door. Whether at work or at home, people often make excuses out of over-commitment, lack of understanding, or poor time management. In a world where there are more resources available than ever before – it’s time to get to the bottom line. Ultimately, they make...
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The Accountable Leader’s Guide to Change
Change is an integral part of our world. The ability to get ahead of it, manage it, or initiate it for any organization falls squarely on the shoulders of leadership. Focusing on what people do won’t cut it anymore. Truly accountable leaders instead turn their focus on changing the way people...
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