Ross Bernstein Text Reviews

“Ross, I just wanted to say thank you again for participating in a great couple of Peak Performer meetings for Allianz. I can’t tell you enough just how pleased we were with your message and the reaction to it from our top wholesalers. The ultimate goal of our meetings was to instill confidence, unify the team, excite them for the opportunities in front of us and inspire them to be their best. Your Champion's Code presentation did all of that for us and much more. Thanks again!”
Jim Maietta, Sr. Vice President - Allianz Life Financial Services
“Ross, thank you so much for being a part of the Chatham Steel team and speaking at our annual sales meeting in Savannah (GA). The surveys from our attendees showed an overwhelmingly positive feedback with regards to your presentation — thank you for taking the time to specifically tie your message into our organization. Our folks really came away from your speech with the opportunity to make choices on how they would become not just a better team member, but a team member who helps to make Chatham a more successful team with all the characteristics of a champion. I will continue to sing your praises with my colleagues, thanks again!”
Jerry Rooney, President - Chatham Steel
“Ross, you scored a hat trick with our staff and they were raving about your talk all day! You offered a great blend of humor, emotion, stories and content—and it was a perfect message for our team to hear.”
Chuck Runyon, CEO - Anytime Fitness
“Ross did an extraordinary job – he's a super human! Nothing but rave reviews!! What a great start for our week! Thank you so much for your help! Hope we can work together again soon!”
Mike Mecham, CMP, Senior Planner - Levi Strauss & Co