Robyn Benincasa

Robyn Benincasa, Endurance, Adventurers, Leadership, Inspiration, Author, Overcoming Adversity, Sports, Teamwork, Team Building, Accountability, Corporate female leaders, leadership, overcome, athlete, adventurer, overcoming adversity, NSB Robyn Benincasa, Endurance, Adventurers, Leadership, Inspiration, Author, Overcoming Adversity, Sports, Teamwork, Team Building, Accountability, Corporate female leaders, leadership, overcome, athlete, adventurer, overcoming adversity, NSB

Robyn Benincasa Text Reviews

The conference went great!!! You were so effective in teaching teamwork, setting the tone is an understatement!! We really got it! Our moral has improved 100%. The meeting surveys were all positive and gave you lots of luv for your role in our conference.
Steven W. Kaiser - State Sales Coordinator, Aflac Hawaii/Guam
Hey Robyn . . . I saw you speak at leadership academy and you were my ABSOLUTE favorite speaker. I got goosebumps when I saw your video footage and so admire all your dedication and strength! You inspire me and when I have a hard time with workouts.
Jennifer Brown - Anthony Robbins Leadership Academy
It's been just over a year since we did that meeting with you and people still talk about being the best team building meeting we've ever held.
Irwin I. Golub - Northrop Grumman IT Solutions Team
2 years ago we invited Robyn to facilitate a 1-day team building event. She went above and beyond, ensuring the success of the event, and providing much in the way of key learning franchisees could take back to their individual businesses.
John Alderson, Zone V.P. - Starbucks/C.O.O. It's a Grind
Robyn connected instantly w/ our team thruher unbridled energy, passion, & positive outlook....Robyn has motivated and inspired our team to work harder & more collaboratively, to reach our collective goal of helping customers & the patients we serve.
David A. Weinstein, Regional Sales Director - Genentech, Inc.
Robyn Benincasa was awesome! Great energy and a great life story. She does a really good job of tying in stories of motivations used from her adventure racing into the struggles, personality differences, goals of an office environment. Lots of working together team references versus doing things alone to get to the finish line. Find out the strengths of your team and weaknesses and assign the work appropriately as to who does what best to make the team stronger. Think beyond just the tools you are given and be creative. I would highly recommend her and also her book. The book is very motivational on how to look at doing the things in life you really want to do. It applies to business and personal life.
Jen Moody - Webroot Inc.
I thought yours was one of the best, if not the best, keynote session I've seen in over two decades at my company. ... you did your homework on us and our event; intensive homework, way beyond just Googling us. You spoke as an insider! You didn't just bring us into your world, you integrated both our worlds, your examples were specific, but your message and lessons were universal, and I found myself more and more impressed as the talk went on.
Vice President - Global Patient Outcomes and Real World Evidence (Pharmaceutical)
It was very well customized, it felt like she knew us & what we needed to hear, and all our regions felt represented! It's so impactful to hear how "we" all contribute, and are equally critical to adapting, overcoming & winning as one regardless of level/ title. Robyn's presentation was the favorite event!
Senior Manager, Transformation Management Office - Boston Scientific Global Business Services (GBS)
We wanted to have a powerful, engaging, and inspirational opening keynote speaker to kick off the Technical Leadership Summit for our global design and engineering leaders, and WOW, did she ever deliver. Thanks Robyn, you're awesome!
Director, Global Design Leadership & Academic Programs - IBM
I just listened to your session at our Annual Meeting.......I have been in the corporate business space for DECADES and this was hands down the best session on this topic, ever. Thank you!!
Reg Director of Business Development - IBM Watson Health
Robyn was a HUGE hit as our virtual keynote speaker. The comments that came through in the chat were AMAZING. Our industry is hurting so badly and everyone was so inspired by Robyn. My president just sent me an email saying Robyn was one of the best if not the best keynote we have ever had!
Vice President of Conference and Events - Travel Leaders Group
Robyn was AMAZING and I am very happy you suggested her!!! Everything ran so smoothly, no technical glitches or anything. I was watching the comments section and people were saying they were very inspired by her! We also sent out a post-event survey and the feedback has been phenomenal. We asked on the survey "what was your favorite part about the event" and the majority of answers have been Robyn! She truly was inspirational and motivating.
Century 21 Affiliated
Thank you for a great discussion last week about your experiences and the power of teamwork. Your presentation resonated with our HDR attendees and our team was still talking about how they were personally inspired and the lessons learned as they departed, thank you!
President - HDR Transportation
I still believe that she was the best presenter with the best message that I have experienced in my 15 years of attending the Annual convention that she spoke at last summer.
Director - Community Associations Institute