Robert Langston

Robert Langston disabilities, Dyslexia, special education, special needs Robert Langston disabilities, Dyslexia, special education, special needs

Robert Langston Speech Topics

The Power of Dyslexic Thinking
Robert Langston shares the inspirational stories of people with whom he has worked, who overcame the hurdles of living with dyslexia, to become influential business and cultural leaders. From Kinko's founder Paul Orfalea, to prominent financier Charles Schwab, to Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist...
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Redefining Success in School and Success in Life
Robert Langston has shared his stories of success, dispute living with a learning disability, for almost two decades, in over 1500 US schools to an audience of over half a million people of all ages. Langston scored an 84 on his I.Q. test in second grade. His parents where advised to teach him a...
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The Action Initiative
Robert Langston developed the Action Initiative program for Vistage. Vistage is the world's largest membership CEO organization. Since 1996, Langston has delivered this proven technique to hundreds of business leaders and their companies. Rob shares his personal formula for unleashing the “...
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SHOW YOUR SPARK! is a school assembly program promoting creative expression and self-advocacy in learning. SHOW YOUR SPARK! helps build student awareness and understanding of how our brains work and the different ways we learn. SHOW YOUR SPARK! PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Time: 40 - 45 minutes (can be...
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Youth and Young Adult Leadership
The Georgia Rotary Youth Leadership Awards have had Robert Langston as their keynote and seminar leader for 10 straight years for a reason! Langston’s youth leadership program is charismatic, relatable and interactive. He has modified his wildly successful National CEO program, The Action...
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