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Dr. Cialdini was the top speaker we've ever had in or out of the organization. They loved him.
After Dr. Cialdini's program, the noise of praise was almost deafening.
Shea Homes
Dr. Cialdini's ability to make the science of influence understandable and immediately usable is only exceeded by his contagious knowledge and passion for the subject.
Kaiser Permanente
He blew everybody away. They were thrilled. In fact, afterwards one of our lead people pulled me aside and said he came into this program thinking he had been oversold about Dr. Cialdini's effectiveness. He admitted he was wrong, and ended up taking 6 pages of notes on ways he can apply this information immediately to his work. And yes, you can quote me on this.
Bose Corporation
Our Fortune 1000 executive attendees embraced Dr. Cialdini's thought-provoking principles and scored him in the top percentile of speakers at the Alexander Group's Annual Chief Sales Executive Forum. That's significant given our discerning audience who set the bar consistently high!
Gary Tubridy, Senior VP - The Alexander Group
If you have a choice, don't miss the opportunity to expose your people to this man. His work, his science, his ethics and his method for putting it all together are an experience you can't' get elsewhere.
Novo Nordisk
Along with Malcolm Gladwell and Guy Kawasaki, Dr. Cialdini is one of the highest-rated speakers we have ever had.
Over 350 managers could not get enough of Dr. Cialdini's highly interesting lectures. After his last talk, he received a standing ovation, which is very rare in Holland. It was a sign of deep appreciation for his contribution to the success of the day.
Denk Producties
Because this was a rather long program, we expected only 90% of the people to return after the break, but after the break we had 104% show up. Thank you Dr. Cialdini.
Association of Governmental Risk Pools