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Rick Searfoss astronaut, pilot Rick Searfoss astronaut, pilot
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Rick Searfoss

Astronaut & Team Building Expert

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The Real "Right Stuff" Human space flight: dynamic, challenging, difficult. A perfect model for any ambitious venture. The astronauts must perform to the highest standards as individuals, teams, and for commanders, as leaders. Too much is at stake for anything else. As one of less than a hundred people ever who have actually commanded a human space mission, Colonel Rick Searfoss speaks on leadership, teamwork, and personal excellence with authority born of in-depth experience. Learn to apply the ...

Our goal was to secure a speaker that would resonate w/ everyone, recognize achievements, provide a unique experience,& deliver takeaway messages that would enhance & enrich both their personal and professional lives. I confirm that you achieved our goal!

Eric J. Aulicino, Executive Vice President - Berry Plastics Corporation

From the moment he first engaged with us, we were impressed with his enthusiasm--he was fully dedicated to making his presentation relevant to our clients, to the company, and to the event.

Eddie Speir - 3t Systems

The feedback was phenomenal! I was most impressed with how skillfully you translated your experience commanding a Space Shuttle mission to the leadership and team challenges we face in the business world.

Margaret R. Lawlor, Senior Vice President - Bank of America

Your real-life experience was both fascinating and entertaining. You were the star of the show. Your approachable style and amazing awareness of Microsoft products made you perfect part of our event team!

Jack Miller, District Business Solutions Manager - Microsoft
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