Richard Thieme

Richard Thieme Richard Thieme

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Your ears must be ringing. All week long people have continued to say how thought provoking your message to all of us was. Because of your superb talk, conversations are surfacing dealing with issues never before thought about, much less discussed.
Barbara A. Sager - von Briesen, Purtell & Roper, s.c.
You were dynamite! Those in attendance including the Attorney General were mesmerized by your remarks. The General Counsel of the US Dept of the Treasury thought it was worth the trip from D.C. just to hear your presentation.
Burneatta L. Bridge - Deputy Attorney General
You could have heard a pin drop while you were speaking. The standing ovation said it all. We have had some of the best speakers in the United States . . . and now Richard Thieme.
James Raffel - Economic Club of Sheboygan