Principal Baruti Kafele

Principal Baruti Kafele, Education Motivation, Student Leadership Events, Black History Month principal Principal Baruti Kafele, Education Motivation, Student Leadership Events, Black History Month principal

Principal Baruti Kafele Text Reviews

The message that you delivered to our youth was the "fire" needed to begin their school year. All attendees, parents included, left empowered and ready to take control of their future, in and out of the classroom. I have reiterated your inspiring words to others, with the hope that they too will have an opportunity to hear your message. I thank you immensely for your commitment to our children.
J.R. Miller-Shepard - Jack & Jill of America
I am feeling energetic and enthusiastic about the rest of my elementary teaching career because of your informative words which have both inspired and empowered me as a young , black female teacher in Bermuda's Education System!! I have been told by my colleagues that I do a wonderful job of 'reaching, communicating and fostering relationships' not only with my students, but their parents/guardians as well. The vision that you have for our future black males and females alike, hit home for me. My goal is to become a Principal or a Leader in some capacity in the education field. I will use the tools provided in your workshop session today, to ensure that those 'other gaps' decrease and therefore increase academic achievement. I look forward to receiving your presentation in full as well as communicating with you about topics of concern, as well as celebrations in my classroom. Thanks again for a significant presentation,
Gina Cann - Educator
I want to thank you for coming to Eagle Pass this past week. Your presentation was right on target for what Mr. Sanchez and I both wanted for the Principals and Administrators to hear. I read the evaluations and they were very good. Many of them really reflected on some of the things you brought out on instructional leadership. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses and I think you gave them both positive strokes on what they are doing right while giving them some suggestions for improving upon the things that will make them better leaders. Again, thank you so very much.
Barbara Downing, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction - Eagle Pass Independent School District - El Paso, TX
We're on FIRE! My staff and I are reenergized, refocused and ready to change our attitudes and practices that will motivate, educate, and empower our Cleveland Scholars! We've begun to plan and implement three strategies that were not in place. I'll keep you informed about our progress. Your hard work and dedication are highly appreciated!
Zakiyyah Abdul-Razzaq - Principal - Cleveland School - Newark, NJ