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I've shared the stage with Branson and the Dalai Lama. And in my entire life, NO SPEECH has inspired me to get out and kick butt in the world like you did at SANG. Thank you for that.
Vishen Lakhiani, Founder & CEO - MindValley
Peter gives hope where others see none. Not only is his speaking style engaging and inspirational but his message is one of great importance for all of humanity. He is making his life and the lives of others count immeasurably.
Shaahin Cheyene, President - Accelerated Intelligence Inc.
Diamandis clearly and entertainingly uses analogies from the past to illustrate how the major problems mankind faces today and tomorrow, will inevitably be solved through exponential technologies. Bravo!
Kenneth Hepburn, CEO & Founder - GIVIGIV
I've seen Peter Diamandis speak on three occasions to widely diverse audiences and each time it has been a terrific experience. He is engaging, informative, inspiring and so positive about the future that I've quoted him often to friends and colleagues.
Ken Kragen, Organizer - "We Are The World," "Hands Across America," "NetAid"
If you ever have the chance to see Peter Diamandis speak, run--don't walk--to get a seat. Awesome inspiration.
Jeff Berman, General Manager - NFL Digital Media
I've watched thousands of speeches in my lifetime, and I think your speech might have been the most impressive and all encompassing.
Christopher Kai - Musician, Songwriter
Peter Diamandis is one of the country's great entrepreneurs and thinkers. Peter is one of the most popular speakers at the TED conference and one of the most provocative thinkers of our time.
Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman & CEO - GE
Peter's keynote blew me away. I've been presenting for years and do it for a living, and Peter is at the top of the game. His personality shines through and is extremely authentic. He is a pretty amazing dude!
Carlos Dominguez, Sr. Vice President - Cisco
Peter Diamandis absolutely delivered our key messaging with a powerful and passionate presentation. He truly is an inspiration and very dynamic. During the two days of the summit following his opening keynote, many of our internal speakers reflected on his words. He has such great passion.
Johnson & Johnson