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Neil Pasricha NSB, happiness, Growth, growth mindset, personal growth Neil Pasricha NSB, happiness, Growth, growth mindset, personal growth

Neil Pasricha Text Reviews

Neil Pasricha was the highlight of the day. From my perspective, the highlight of the year at Microsoft! What a genuine, authentic, inspiring person. He connected with the audience and made our themes come to life in the best possible way. He arrived early and stayed late - talking to everyone and inspiring all of us.

Rekha Rao-Mayya, National Technical Director, - Microsoft

Neil is a rock star! He visited the Googleplex and you could hear a pin drop while he was speaking. Everybody loved his models for living happier lives. Many people commented that he was the best speaker we have had!

Rachel O'Meara, Sales Executive - Google

Neil, I can't thank you enough for being a part of our Speaker Series. Your session was such a huge was energizing, inspiring, thought-provoking and really resonated with our employees. I've received so many emails from employees thanking me for bringing you in, saying how you were their favorite Speaker Series to date, and that they were inspired to make some real shifts in their life. It was also such a pleasure to meet you and work with you - thanks for the incredible work you are doing in the world!

Rachelle Diamond - LinkedIn Speaker Series

It is rare to find a speaker that can ignite such passion and unify the audience on a common theme that transcends generation and function. Please keep writing books. Yours changed my life.

Britta Lesaux, Executive Director - 3M

Neil was fantastic the feedback has been amazing about his talk. I think he was everyone's favorite. Neil was so wonderful about the challenges we had with time which was very much appreciated. He really was fantastic, so many people said 'I needed to hear that kind of talk.

Regena Bearden, Chief Marketing Officer - Memphis BIA

Neil left the room glowing after sharing his honest, personal, and witty story on the journey to happiness. He offered an interesting and relatable perspective for everyone in the room, and left the team with actionable insights for their own lives and work.

Satish Kanwar, VP Product - Shopify

Well, we have never had a keynote receive such AWESOME feedback! Everyone was buzzing about your address. I constantly had staff coming up to me all day going on and on about how you were the best speaker we have ever had!

This was my first 'big' event since I returned from being off last year recovering from a stroke. So, I wanted to prove I am better than ever! Thank you for helping me achieve that!

Durham College

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being such a huge hit!

April White, Associate Director - Harvard Business School

When Neil Pasricha talks, leaders of all levels and backgrounds stop what they're doing and listen.

Howard Behar, Former President - Starbucks

The interactions, trust, healing, laughter, camaraderie, sadness, and vulnerabilities that come with taking care of patients are gifts to be enjoyed and appreciated. Sadly, the prism where we can see these qualities becomes rapidly clouded. There is real role for Neil's work within health care. The more penetration his philosophies have, the more satisfaction, quality, and longevity we'll see.

Dr. Mark Shapiro - Sharp Healthcare

We recently used Neil at an all employee event. Given some recent changes in the company, including a move to a new office, there was some trepidation and apprehension within the organization. Neil's talk was exactly what we needed. He was very helpful in putting things into the right context, and created an immediate positive buzz. He is insightful, evidenced based and practical when it comes to making changes to increase happiness and ultimately productivity. Now we're all hooked on his books, and are already planning for a future "Pasricha tune-up.

Brian Hilberdink, Country President - Novo Nordisk

Neil joined the Audi Executive Team across the United States and his happiness lessons were the highlight of the show, engaging dealer associates, and invigorating the audience. He is always on point, thought-provoking, and receives near-perfect ratings. Listen to him!

Peter Donnellan, Director - Audi of America

THANK YOU for another fabulous talk at our Managers meeting. The feedback was outstanding and many shared you were the "best speaker" they have seen because not only were you dynamic & hilarious but provided actionable suggestions everyone can incorporate. You rock!

Gena Restivo, VP HR & Communications - AstraZeneca

Neil has such great energy and his positivity is incredible and infectious. We've held our event for years and thanks to Neil we had the best one so far!

Pam August, Organizational Development - WestJet

Neil was absolutely amazing, he was so easy going and laid back. He wowed the audience and was so approachable and genuine. The event went extremely well. He even brought a few of his other books to give out during his talk.

Rita Koehler, Manager - TD, Canada Trust

With simple effortlessness, Neil renders complex ideas easily memorable and everyday practical.

Col. Chris Hadfield, Former Commander of the International Space Station

Neil, I want to thank you again for speaking to my team at our Morgan Stanley Carolina's Complex Knowledge Summit. You were extraordinary. Thank you for being so vulnerable and authentic. I took a moment during your talk to scan the 200 people in the room. The room was flooding with smiles. Thank you for igniting our souls. I wish you continued joy!

Kristen Sario, Executive Director - Morgan Stanley

Thank you again for participating as a Thought Leader during our Executive Leadership Forum. Your presentation, Happier People, Healthier Associations, aligned perfectly with the theme and was the right mix of humor, research, and thoughtful strategies to implement moving forward. We've received so many thoughtful comments from participants regarding their overall feedback; much of what was shared and discussed made an impression that will make a difference in both the personal and professional lives of those who attended.

Jamie Sadler, Learning Director - ASAE

Before Neil came to Uber we had seen his TED Talk, Google Talk, and some had read his books so our expectations were already pretty high. But he exceeded them! We knew his style would be accessible and his content would be engaging, but we didn't predict the impact he would have on Uber folks after the conference. Attendees were more visibly energized and they began taking Neil's advice to be more positive in their own lives. We feel it helped them at work and with their families as well. A life-changing talk. Thank you, Neil!

Kristy Bates, Marketing - Uber

I'm hoping you can pass our thanks along to Neil for his closing keynote at the Walk with Me conference earlier this month. We've had a chance to check in with delegates and sponsors, and the feedback has been great. His presentation was engaging and inspired the group to start making change (myself included) - so our sincere thanks on behalf of the executive planning committee.

Hilary Dunn, Director of Communications - Research Institute for Aging

Neil Pasricha was a 10/5. He knocked it out of the park! He was so humble and easy to work with. He is super engaging and had the audience glued. I would recommend him to anyone. He is very gracious and stayed behind to sign books and connect with people.

Sangeeta Bhatnagar - GTACC