Neil Mylet & Ashlie Kolb

Neil Mylet & Ashlie Kolb Neil Mylet & Ashlie Kolb

Neil Mylet & Ashlie Kolb Speech Topics

Innovation: LoadOut Your Mind
It all starts with an idea. And for most of us, that's all it will ever be, just an idea. Neil and Ashlie will help motivate you to put action behind your ideas. Speaking from experience, they are both young entrepreneurs that started with big ideas yet heard the word "NO" more times than they...
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Entrepreneurship: Creating YOUR Opportunities
Whether you're a recent college grad, facing a job loss or just wanting a change of pace, now more than ever is the time to become an entrepreneur. Speaking from personal experience, Neil and Ashlie's motto is "If there isnt' an opportunity, create one." They will help you to see your own...
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Breaking Boundaries: Unleashing Technology Globally
So you have an idea. Maybe you're already marketing it. But to who? Although your idea may have originated in your own backyard, Neil and Ashlie will help you to see the potential that a single idea or product can have globally. This may sound like a daunting task but with the power of the...
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Keepin' It Country with a Little Bit of Glamour
How do you stay grounded when you were born to fly? A question that most of us should ask ourselves. Neil and Ashlie both grew up on small Midwest farms with humble beginnings. But from an early age they both had aspirations of doing BIG things. But how did they get there without loosing their...
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