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Neal presented at 3 Top Producers Summits receiving "rarely given" standing ovations at each one and evaluations marking him as exceptional. (The response was so overwhelming he was then asked to open their next two summits, FSC, Royal Alliance.)
Bonnie Sherer, CMP - AIG
Neal was the perfect bow on the conference package. Warm, generous with his story and his spirit. His enthusiasm was infectious and his determination is a lesson to anyone. Keep booking Neal, he is a treasure!!!!!
Heather Sullivan-Bodington - Production Plan-It
Neal's presentation was absolutely outstanding both from a content perspective & his ability to relate numerous inspirational messages to our conference themes.
Harry - DeLoitte & Touche
Thank you for delivering a very motivational, passionate, phenomenal keynote message. Thank you for customizing your keynote messages to parallel with our business opportunities and challenges.
Amanda Battle - Genentech - March 2007
I've had the opportunity to hear this great man and friend tell his story three times; and I've read his autobiography twice. On every one of these occasions I've walked away with many valuable messages.
Vikram Mehta, CEO - Blade Network Technology
Thank you for the extraordinary presentation you gave in San Diego and for the follow up presentation in Barcelona with virtually no prep time as well. You that you generated some of the highest ratings I have seen.
L Benway - IBM - World Wide Events
Neal is a masterful storyteller. He was able to weave humor with inspiration into a very powerful message. The audience was engaged for the entire presentation. He was by far the most talked about speaker of the day.
Chris Mollet - Edina Realty
Neal, you have received our highest ratings ever for a keynote speaker and this covers hundreds of events over more than a decade. Before you, we had never had a single standing ovation, yet I can't remember a time that you did not get one!
Jack Mortimer - Government Technology
He is a great speaker and he has found ways to help financial advisors take his experiences and to apply it to their practices in such a way to grow their businesses through the tough times and enjoy the good times.
Larry Roth - CEO - Advisors Group, AIG
Neal's story of conquering political issues and the oceans of the world will challenge you by opening the mind with new hope and demonstrate that with determination and hard work you can achieve your goals.
Kaye Braaten, Former President - NACo
Neal, what a pleasure it was to be able to spend some time with you! Very fascinating! You have more global-macro insight than the vast majority of advisors that I have had the opportunity to discuss such matters with--for sure.
Paul Barr - FSC Leaders Summit-2011
We could not have had a better opening keynote speaker than you, Neal Petersen. Our attendees were on the edge of their seats as you took them on a journey of how you broke barriers to own your possibility and reach your goal.
Arlene, Director, Global Diversity and Inclusion - MasterCard
If you want to hear an inspirational story that will motivate your employees to reach greater success in both work and life then I highly encourage you to hire Neal Petersen as a motivational speaker at your next conference. Neal's presentation ability to take his life story and connect it to our health insurance business was remarkable. Our annual survey results of the conference rated Neal as one of the three highest keynote speakers we've ever had and our group gave Neal a rousing standing ovation at the conclusion of his keynote.
Vin Capozzi, SVP - Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare
Thank you so very much for your presentation tonight. It was truly life-changing for me. I have had the honor of hearing many great speakers over the years and I can say that your talk was one of the most moving, inspiring, genuine and entertaining of any I have ever experienced. You are far more than a motivational are truly a story-teller.
Prudential Managers Summit
Neal Petersen delivered one of the most inspirational talks I ever heard at a corporate event. He had the whole audience enthralled as he talked about his life and how he set himself what seemed to be an impossible challenge. Impossible that is, unless like Neal, you believe there are "No Barriers."
Qlik Tech
Neal delivered a highly-motivated presentation to the Sagicor Insurance Team at The Arts Hotel, Barcelona. Following his presentation, Neal received a rousing standing ovation and rave reviews.
Reuben Brathwaite, Chairperson - Sagicor Insurance
Saw Neal at a Mass Mutual event in Charlotte and was 100% floored at how good of a story it was and how Neal tied it back to family and business and pursuit of goals. It was a standing ovation delivery and he's worthy of the largest stage we could put him on.
Ken Letts - Mass Mutual
Neal, AMAZING, your story and how you integrated it so well into our organization. I actually thought you were trained to do what we do. Your story obviously was very well received by the standing ovation you were given. Wonderful!
John Hancock Financial Sales Managers Conference
Your entire presentation was right on point with the goals of the meeting and was extremely well received and you were given a rare standing ovation. Several advisors commented on how much they personally got from your unique story, how effective you were at incorporating relevant elements to this group, and how enjoyable it was to spend time with you throughout the meeting. It was a pleasure working with you during the entire process. Thanks for helping us have a successful event.
Les Helm, VP, Education, Training and Marketing Communications - AIG Financial Advisors, Inc.
Neal's presentation in South Africa and unique style of delivery allowed him, through his story, to connect with the audience at the same time motivating each one to live their dreams with passion, while focusing on success, in spite of the many challenges. Neal certainly took us to another level .we were all on our feet at the end of his presentation. Thank you Neal!
Vernon Fingal, Manager - Guardian Life of the Caribbean
Thank you for the sharing the most enjoyable and truly inspirational speeches I have heard - and after being in the business world for over 35 years I have heard many. I have heard extremely positive feedback from many of our agents and staff members- when we receive the Platinum award, your comments this morning will have played a part.
Cindi and Paul Ginsburg - Mass Mutual
For our leadership conference, we were fortunate to have Neal Petersen as guest speaker. We brought Neal to our conference to address the topics of rallying around common goals and achieving operational excellence. His presentation was vivid and dynamic and his life story and experiences helped this audience see how we can all marshal our inner strengths, stretch our capabilities and realize remarkable achievements. Neal's words inspire confidence by making the pathway to success seem like something that every individual can attain.
Albert Benchimol, President/CEO - AXIS Capital Holdings Limited
Your compelling stories culled with your sailing adventures presented inspiring message along which set a perfect tone. We appreciate how you were able to weave the elements discussed of our challenges with your lessons learned , your keynote was very relevant to the issues facing CIO's. The audience thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, and your stories generated a tremendous amount of discussion even after your session ended.
Terri Takai, CIO - State of California
Our biggest challenge at these events is to hold the audience in their seats as we typically lose somewhere around 40-50% of the crowd between speakers. This was the first time in the eight years I have been coordinating these sessions where the audience was spellbound from beginning to end and stayed in their seats for the entire presentation. Amazing!
R. Brockman, Deputy Director - Dept of Defense
I have spent hours and hours reviewing motivational speaker options for my corporate clients. But this is the first time that I have felt so strongly about a speaker and the success that he will bring to your events, that I felt compelled to pass the information on to all of you. Neal Petersen's message is current and very significant in today's times. His energy is contagious. He is easy to work with and very affordable. He can follow up a keynote address with an additional seminar in which he moderates the group to find ways to solve the issues that face them. Any group is sure to give him a standing ovation.
Linda Cote - Beckman Coulter
Mr. Neal Petersen gave the opening speech for the Brandes Investment Partners conference of institutional investors (450) from around the world. Neal is an inspirational and dynamic speaker who I would recommend as a featured speaker. He also makes considerable efforts to relate his speech to our particular company or group audience. Our group was delighted with his presentation." Unscheduled, Neal was immediately asked to deliver two additional keynotes within the Brandes firm.
Charles Brandes, CEO - Brandes Investment Partners
Neal Petersen delivered one of the most inspirational talks I ever heard at a corporate event. He had the whole audience enthralled as he talked about his life and how he set himself what seemed to be an impossible challenge. Impossible that is, unless like Neal, you believe there are "No Barriers"
P.McQuade, VP - Qlik Tech