Nathan Jamail

Nathan Jamail, Sales NSB Nathan Jamail, Sales NSB
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Nathan Jamail: Speaking Reel
Nathan Jamail: Creating a Coaching Culture
Nathan Jamail: Coaching vs. Micro Managing
Nathan Jamail: Serving Up & Coaching Down
Nathan Jamail: Accountability A Selfless Act
Nathan Jamail: Powerful Belief Having A Purpose

Nathan Jamail

Expert Speaker, Best Selling Author & Executive Coach on Sales, Culture & Leadership

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About Nathan Jamail

Nathan Jamail is the author of three best-selling books, "The Leadership Playbook", "The Sales Leaders Playbook" and the "The Sales Professionals Playbook" as well as his newest release, "Serve Up, Coach Down" - although he will tell you he is not a writer, rather a business leader that writes books for business leaders.

Nathan spent the last two + decades helping and coaching leaders and organizations on how to build winning teams as well as thriving cultures in addition to helping great leaders ...

I have participated in a lot of workshops, but Teamwork of Art is absolutely the best! The activity, the concepts taught, and the excitement driven into each one of my team members was astounding!

Marvin Mutchler - CEO/President- First Savings Bank

Nathan Jamail conducted a Sales Leadership training for 45 sales and engineering leaders. The training was valuable to the leadership team by creating a consistent set of leadership expectations, introducing common terms and increasing leadership collab.

Jeff Sharritts, Area Vice President - Cisco

I've heard Nathan speak at least a half dozen times. His passion around sales leadership is off the charts! Nathan can speak the language of sales leadership because he has sold everything under the sun. His approach has transformed me as a sales leader.

John Languster, Vice President of Sales - State Farm

Nathan's process is simple and he is able to connect with everyone at their level. That motivated my team to levels we have never seen. My team increased sales by 50% in the last quarter and we are on target to have our best growth year ever.

Kevin Lehman, Agency Field Executive - State Farm Insurance Companies

Nathan is a high energy individual and it makes the message more believable when you can see that this guy knows how to be successful. Nathan took a lot of time to learn about our organization and tailor his remarks for our benefit.

Marvin Mutchler, President/CEO - First Savings Bank

Nathan is one of the strongest sales professionals I've worked with. In my opinion, Nathan's success is based on his ability to motivate people as well as the ability to teach and train people on the fine art of selling and customer behavior.

Charles Moore, Staff VP, Finance and Operations - Metro PCS
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