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Mohan Mohan

Executive-in-Residence, London Business School Former P&G General Manager & Marketing Executive (Africa, Asia & Europe; nearly 30 years)

About Mohan Mohan

Mohan Mohan is a speaker, businessman, and retired Procter & Gamble marketing executive, having had a memorable career spread over three continents for nearly 30 years.

Mohan joined the P&G in 1972 in Geneva, Switzerland and gained experience in building business and organizations across Europe, Middle East and Africa. He acknowledges freely that all his accomplishments are entirely due to the people in the company who helped him along the way in all locations he lived and worked.

Key ...

Mohan has spent virtually his entire working life at P&G, and the company polished him into a world-class executive. I have consistently heard from others how inspiring a boss Mohan himself as been and why they have remained in touch with him decades after they had left and have achieved prominence in their own right. After knowing Mohan and hearing him speak and motivate others, I understand this!

Srikumar S. Rao, adjunct faculty member - London Business School
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