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Mohan Mohan Mohan Mohan

Mohan Mohan Speech Topics

Building Businesses in New Geographies
Understand and imbibe local social architecture before forcing your own purpose, objectives and goals. By understanding the local scene, you increase your chances of success. Geography is not limited by national boundaries and even in a given country, there will be significant differences. Mohan...
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Building High Performance Teams
Explore the “deep work” required to ensure team members' personal objectives are aligned with team's objectives. Making everyone sing from the same song sheet increases the “lift” by over 70%. Using examples and lively metaphors (like in the V formation of geese flying thousands of miles in...
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Building Strong, Transformational Relationships with All Key Members
Headline: Not Transactional! Even when a mission is completed, key members continue to take pride in what you have contributed to help them grow personally and professionally. Friendships built during these missions remain life long and relationships become strong and truly transformative!
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