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Michael Winston

Change - The Boost to Innovation and Customer Satisfaction

About Michael Winston

With over thirty years of experience as a business leader, change agent, and organization strategist, Michael G. Winston has been in businesses across several industries (high technology, aerospace and financial services) going through massive transformation. He has worked closely with C-Suite Officers developing the business model, crafting strategy, architecting structure, and developing leaders.

As Managing Director and Chief Leadership Officer for a Bank of America legacy company, he hired ...

Your presentation on mastering change in a continuously evolving enviroment was very informative and your open, inviting presentation style captured audience participation. Your contribution also enriched our conference workshops . . .

Alain Dutheil, Corporate VP - Strategic Planning and Human Resources

I worked with Michael Winston many times during his years at Motorola. He is a champion at developing leaders and a winning culture.

Peter Vidmar, Chairman of the Board - USA Gymnastics
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