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What a breath of fresh air. Michael Hyatt is the extremely rare combination of a business professional who has a heart for the success of his audience. He possesses the ability to communicate practical steps in an entertaining and memorable way.
Scott Humphrey - Shaw Flooring Network
Younger crowds in their 20s and 30s are inundated with messages and entertainment, making them a hard crowd to please. Mike's keynote cut through the clutter . . . It was the kind of speech audiences hope for but rarely get.
Ted Dekker New York Times Bestselling Author - Sponsor of The Gathering
Vanderbilt University loves Michael Hyatt. He is the top-rated speaker in our Executive and MBA programs. He is a CEO 'who walks his talk.' He can both do and teach--a powerful combination. His talks overflow with compelling leadership stories and lessons.
Richard L. Daft, PH.D. Professor of Management - Owen Graduate School of Management Vanderbilt University
When we invite outside speakers to our conferences, we feel fortunate if they get to first base. Michael Hyatt hits home runs. He is a consummate professional and we will use him again.
Ken Davis, President - Dynamic Communicators, Inc. Author, Entertainer, Trainer
Believe me, I have heard many CEOs address an audience. I have only seen one, however, with the unique ability to combine humor and content, then deliver it with credibility and a humble attitude. Michael Hyatt is the very best.
Andy Andrews - New York Times Bestselling Author and International Speaker