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Without question, Matthew Kelly is the best speaker that we have ever had address our company. I wish I had a dollar for every time I have heard someone quote him since his visit.
Tracy Wright Director, National Contact Center Operations - Avon Products
It's rare to find a speaker who can truly inspire an audience & deliver practical life-changing information. Matthew Kelly is one of those speakers. He exceeded our expectations & I see the impact he made, continuing in our people each day.
Ed Dwyer Division Manager, Ohio / Indiana Community Banking - US Bank
Matthew Kelly knows what it takes to inspire an audience and motivate teams. . . . The way that he demonstrates the connection between personal and professional lives is genius and has ignited a real passion in our culture.
John Eagan Vice President, Senior General Merchandise Manager - Costco
A great example of the type of comment I heard was the response I received from one man when I asked him if he liked your talk. He hesitated and said, I am not sure 'like' is the right description. He said it 'hit' him and he was 'moved'.
Kim Kraus Director, Agency Strategy - Procter & Gamble