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Matt McFadyen, Sports & Adventure, Adventurers, Inspirational, Peak Performance, Teamwork, Virtual Presentation adventurer, goals, goal setting, teamwork, NSB, virtual presentation Matt McFadyen, Sports & Adventure, Adventurers, Inspirational, Peak Performance, Teamwork, Virtual Presentation adventurer, goals, goal setting, teamwork, NSB, virtual presentation

Matt McFadyen Text Reviews

The most successful staff engagement event to date. 96% of people found Matt's presentation inspiring. 93% found his presentation relevant and applicable to their role here at the firm. Matt was absolutely amazing!


He brings every one of the participants with him as he experienced the triumphs & epic challenges of his journey. Adding interactive "what would you do" moments into the presentation adds to the immersiveness of the experience and mandates full attention.


Matt exceeded our expectations by engaging extremely well with the audience and integrating our key messaging into his delivery. Each session was delivered with the same enthusiasm and energy that earned him excellent ratings from all participants.

Kristina Czepl - NESTLE

Our brief was to inspire. Our challenge was to be more courageous. Matt was the embodiment of both those things. Grounded, accessible, honest and real . . . and yet overwhelmingly impressive and charismatic.

Nicole Sparohott - UNILEVER

“Matt’s presentation was terrific. He cleverly articulated to our executive team the mission, challenges and ups and downs of a polar expedition. He did this in a manner which grabbed the attention of everyone in the room, through his confidence and ability to get everyone emotionally involved with the enormity of his task to get to the North Pole.
Importantly also, the learning’s coming out of Matt’s presentation were applicable at both a personal and business level; which meant that Matt’s presentation was not only engaging, but also generated real value.”

Simon Brookes - TELSTRA

Matt's presentation was engaging and relevant. Not easy to capture and hold the attention of an audience of 300 plus senior executives, but Matt did just that.

Peter Jamieson - TELSTRA

Thank you for your presentation . . . you encapsulated the room, inviting the audience to share in your journey, moving from highs to lows & giving the audience an insight into both the physical and mental strength it takes to turn a dream into reality.


Matt had our entire DDB/Continental team enraptured as he gave a very personal account of how his idea was born, the meticulous planning that went into getting it to the 'start line', and the amazing highs and lows he experienced during the actual voyage.


Thank you for a truly inspiring day! The impact you guys have had on our people will carry forward and permeate the organization long beyond yesterday, as we set out as a team to lead Liquidnet towards the summit of our new vision.

Todd Cherches - Liquidnet

He was absolutely fabulous and kept my attention the entire time! I can't say enough about how much I loved his presentation!!!

Spell-binding, could have heard a pin drop, extremely applicable to my current work situation! Told my kids about it when I got home. First speaker that I have done that with.

Lisa Konsti, Meeting Planner - Minnesota Association of School Business Officials (MASBO)

We're an enterprise software company and we brought Matt as the keynote speaker at our annual sales kickoff. Enterprise sales representatives can be a tough crowd to please, but Matt really nailed it. He was the best we've had. The adventures in his stories are only eclipsed by his storytelling abilities. I wholeheartedly recommend Matt.

Brian Day, CEO - Fuze, Inc.

It was awesome to hear Matt's stories of leadership and courage in times of crisis . Your speech was one of the most engaging that I have ever had the privilege to listen to, and found myself captivated by every word.

Event Manager - Equipment Leasing and Finance Association