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A Little Testosterone Goes a Long Way

Can you be female and be effective in the workplace? Mary says “yes!” This is a great topic for audiences who want to understand how to be effective in the work place without sacrificing being female. Effective male and female workplace behaviors are included.

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I Want to Live Like My Nail Color

This is a great topic for audiences who want to have fun and feel fully alive as a woman! Mary talks about what it means to be audacious . . . courageous . . . and bodacious! “I Want to Live Like My Nail Color” inspires audiences with its humorous, uplifting, and empowering message.

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It's Who Knows You: Creating Deliberate Relationships for Your Bodacious Career

Mary started as an $8 an-hour Customer Service rep at America Online, and rose through the ranks to become AOL’s first head of corporate training! How did she do it? Mary shares how to leverage relationships for career growth, strategies for creating career-building relationships, and an "anyone...

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My Job is Great, Except for the People: Proactively Resolving Conflict for Your Bodacious Career

This is a great topic for audiences who want to understand how to proactively resolve conflict in the work place. It can be done when you employ Mary’s six steps. Powerful!

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Outrageously in Charge of Your Life and Lovin' It!

“Look Within, Think Strategically, Act Bodaciously, and Love Every Minute of It!” Mary’s “Bodacious Woman Mantra” is a sure-fire crowd pleaser. Mary shares how living her life bodaciously has shaped her life and her career. She invites the audience to live bodaciously, too!

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The Charlie's Angels of Corporate America: Kick Butt Behaviors of Bodacious Women with Bodacious Careers

This is a fun topic for audiences who want to learn from well-known, successful women in business, and be inspired by them. Specific, noteworthy behaviors by several Bodacious Career Women, are included.

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Those Ceiling Tiles Just Aren't that Pretty: 3 Keys to Avoiding the Glass Ceiling Before it Hits You

Mary concluded her career at AOL when she hit the glass ceiling. Audiences will learn three key behaviors to help avert hitting the glass ceiling. A smashing, bodacious presentation!

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Use It or Lose It: Embracing Office Politics for Your Bodacious Career

Embrace office politics? Yes! Mary explores office politics from a unique perspective. She helps the audience understand how to identify power bases within a company, and how to play the game well.

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