Martina Cartwright Ph.D., R.D.

Martina Cartwright Ph.D., R.D.

One of America's Leading Nutritional Scientists

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AZ, United States
About Martina Cartwright Ph.D., R.D.

Martina Cartwright is the country's leading Registered Dietitian (R.D.) with a Ph.D. in Nutritional Science and Biomolecular Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin- Madison. She has 25+ years experience in medical education, scientific research and clinical practice in both the academic and pharmaceutical settings, regularly serving as a consultant to patients and medical professionals. Dr. Cartwright's nutrition education and clinical interests include intensive care ...

Dr. Cartwright is a passionate and extremely well versed speaker. She has a strong ability to engage the audience by incorporating patient case studies and weaving in clinical data through application.

Mandy P. - Abbott

Dr.Cartwright is an excellent and informative public speaker who easily engages the audience with her scientific knowledge and real life stories. She is comfortable, confident and approachable.

T. Schultz - Western States Osteopathic Society

Dr. Martina is an engaging and informative speaker. Her diverse knowledge and incorporation of real-life stories make her talks interesting and practical. She bridges science and clinical practice flawlessly.

Beverly, RN - Atlanta GA

Dr. Martina's spectrum of nutrition knowledge and up to date information help me as a coach pf young athletes. Never heard of Achievement by Proxy until Dr. Martina. Wow! Does that explain a lot about some of the parents I deal with.

Jim, Coach - Phoenix AZ

Dr. Cartwright is an excellent and knowledgeable speaker. She has spoken to our team numerous times over the past several years and is always well received. Her depth of knowledge and engaging speaking style leaves the team energized and educated.

Teddie P. - Thermo Scientific Biomarkers

Her approachable style makes for quick rapport building with the audience, while the real life examples and experiences she shares puts sometimes convoluted science and nutrition concepts into perspective.

K. Jackson - University of Arizona
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