Leslie Mouton

Leslie Mouton

Award Winning Journalist & Breast Cancer Survivor

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San Antonio, Texas, United States
About Leslie Mouton

Leslie Mouton is the noon and 6pm anchor at KSAT-12 news, the ABC affiliate in San Antonio, Texas. She has been a broadcast journalist for 18 years. In that time Leslie has covered many stories - but perhaps the most important story is her own.

In October of 2000, at the young age of 35, she discovered a lump in her left breast. It turned out to be a very aggressive form of breast cancer. Leslie Mouton allowed cameras to follow her through every part of her battle and she shared it with viewers. ...

She is an open, upbeat and realistic speaker who everyone seems to relate to. Most of all, she reminds people about the control and power a person can have from a positive attitude.

Cancer Center Council

. . . a very capable, dynamic speaker who touched each person in the audience. She has a particular way about her that is very professional, yet very intimately relates with her audience.

East Valley Regional Cancer Center

Leslie's dynamic personality and inspirational personal story brought awareness to a large audience of Acadiana, including the younger generation. She contributed to making our annual breast health symposium a HUGE success.

St. Agnes Breast Cancer
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