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LaughingStock is unique because we customize every performance. Prior to the show, we learn everything we can about you. We read your material, interview your people and ask all the right questions. Every business, product, service and organization has a lode of humor. We're experts at digging up the joys and frustrations, foibles and follies, buzzwords and common denominators the audience shares. At show time, we integrate this extensive research with our wit, characters and ...

What a wonderful show. Who knew bakers were so funny? Our group loved your work. I never heard a room laugh so much. Our members and guests were thrilled to find themselves reflected in good, clean funny jokes.

Bernard Reynolds - Retailer's Bakery Association

The skits captured the many challenges, frustrations and joys of the audience in their daily routine. I received many comments asking if Laughing Stock was a group of current or former IBMers since they knew so much about the internals of IBM marketing.

Patricia Linnon - IBM

The comedy that you brought us was so perfectly orchestrated for our group that there were people in the audience who believed that you have worked intimately in our field for years. . . . Congratulations on a job well done.

Tom Holman - Domestic Relations Assn of PA
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