L.Y. Marlow

L.Y. Marlow

Award-winning Author, Social Entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of Saving Promise

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MD, United States
About L.Y. Marlow

L.Y. Marlow is an award-winning author and sought-after empowerment speaker whose journey took her from a legacy of domestic violence to the opulence of corporate America; and now to a life devoted to community service. Her inspiring story is a testament to transforming one's story into their life's purpose.

"After growing up in one of the most drug and crime infested projects in Philadelphia, a product of teen pregnancy, and escaping an unspeakable abusive relationship, I put myself through 14 ...

You are an inspiration and phenomenal woman . . . thank you for bringing a message that needed to be heard. I salute you!

Cassandra Porter - University of Texas at San Antonio

You were the perfect keynote speaker . . . the reaction was of praise and awe.

Linda Hammell - Fox Chase Cancer Center

Your family history was compelling, and your commitment to breaking the cycle was powerful!

Michaele Cohen - Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence

You will never know just how much you touched our hearts.

Kathy Burnette - Hopewell Baptist Church

People were really impressed with you and are excited about reading your book.

Gloria White - Mae & Julia Safe House
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