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The Success Trackerâ„¢ - Guiding You Towards Positive Predatory Thinking

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Taking the professional speakers circuit by storm, Kivi Bernhard, has been requested to keynote audiences from the Bahamas to Bangkok. Described by a leading international speaker bureau as "one of the most promising and talented speakers in the world today" Kivi is a riveting and captivating speaker and is renowned for his platform excellence. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Kivi was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. After relocating to the USA in 1997 with his wife and family and a ...

Thank you so very much for your "Trust Gone Wild" presentation yesterday for our Operations Team. They especially enjoyed the fact that the information you so eloquently shared applied to them on a professional as well as a personal level.

Betsy Hames, SPHR, Divisional Director Human Resources Office of Development and Alumni Relations - Emory University

The idea and the delivery of your Leopardology are just so unique. There were some high level executives in that audience and it really offered us some fantastic takeaways that are critical to the "new" business world we now operate in.

David E Forbes - Executive Director, Platform Strategy - AT&T - Consumer Marketing

The Hunt for Success is perhaps one of the most dynamic and lateral business thinking packages that has come across my desk in a long time. It's exciting, enthralling and cutting edge business thinking. We are excited to be doing something together.

Dr.T.Mescon - Kennesaw State University

So many of us were talking of ways that we can implement the Pillars of Positive Predatory Thinking. It is such fascinating material and has created a take-home excitement for people. Your keynote was voted pick of the conference by many.

Kathy Mickle-Askin - International Association of Correctional Training Personnel

Get him, get him, get him . . . that's all I can say to you if you are in my position, where you are responsible for empowering and motivating people. Get Kivi in front of your people, do it early and often.


You received rave reviews from my teams. It was truly a stroke of genius to combine such a powerful ability to communicate with such a powerful metaphor, like the African Leopard--you have a knockout winner.

Mr Marc Lewyn - VP - GV FINANCIAL
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