Kim Lear Speech Topics

Prepare for the Future

Building Next-Generation Workplaces and Communities

If our recent past has taught us anything, it is this: the only constant is change. Now is a critical time to examine the rapidly changing world around us and actively reimagine our future. Kim’s unique approach to forecasting tracks change over...

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The Future Factors of Work

Impacting how we lead in the connected era.

We are in the midst of a period of great change in organizational structure. Hierarchies are flattening, networks are being created, the traditional “American Dream” is being re-examined, and constant disruption is forcing established industries to work...

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The Future Factors of the Marketplace

How organizations create authentic connections with clients and consumers in an age of empowerment.

The Empowered Consumer has arrived. With information at their fingertips and platforms to share opinions, consumers understand the power they yield in the marketplace. It’s time to turn The...

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The Age of the Multigenerational Workforce

Building and managing effective teams in the new multigenerational workforce.

Study after study has shown us that multigenerational teams outperform more homogeneous groups by almost every measure. This can be attributed to their unique and diverse experiences– the more seasoned employees offer...

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