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Kim Lear is a writer, researcher, and founder of Inlay Insights. She is known for skillfully weaving eye-opening statistics, insightful stories, and relevant case studies to make presentations come alive. Previously, Kim was the content director at BridgeWorks, a research firm dedicated to generational and millennial trends. Her undergrad research focused on baby boomers and longevity, and her post-grad work centered on millennials and social media trends. She is currently in her ninth year of a ...

I have worked with Kim many times and she is able to "wow" every audience. Each presentation is well researched and takeaway-driven but it's also her style of presenting that stands out. Hilarious. Relevant. Surprising.

Stacey Sandler, Partner - Deloitte

Kim really does her homework. She is not only extremely knowledgeable with her overriding research insights, but then she applied those insights specifically to our company challenges and questions. She makes sure her points are well researched, relevant and eye-opening. Kim also has a great skill of presenting data in an entertaining, fun way that keeps her audience fully engaged.

Nestle Waters Brands

Kim is one of the best presenters I have seen! She is poised, engaging, funny and the material is fascinating!

Volkswagen of America

Kim has a truly unique way of connecting with her audience. She makes the research come to life and provides real "a-ha" moments. Her sense of humor combined with her deep knowledge of the content makes her the ideal presenter and facilitator.


Kim is an incredibly engaging speaker. Her use of audio, visual, handouts and participation balanced the presentation and really increased the learning curve. We have had several employees who keep referring back to the presentation, what they learned, and how they would apply it to their daily work life.

Martina Hund-Mejean, CFO - Mastercard

The Executive Team raved about the presentation and conversation. It has opened up some great dialogue between us! The delivery and frankness with which Kim presented was perfect.

-Jo-Ann Beltramello, SVP of Human Resources - Momenta Pharmaceuticals
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