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"OMG! I've been awakened!" "I found the topic in the speaker amazing!" "This is my second time hearing Dr. Wesson and I am fascinated again!"
California Kindergarten Association
"I attended USTA Conference in Provo, Utah in February and found your keynote speech to be very inspiring. I am very interested in brain health and how to address it in the classroom. Since I heard your talk, I have been giving my students more engaging science activities and I have noticed that they are learning faster, remembering more and excited to come to class; in addition, they are more willing to do their written work in a quality way." "Thank you for a superb presentation at our Utah Science Teachers Association conference a couple weeks ago. I'd love to share what you shared with my administrators and a few other teachers."
Utah Science Teachers Association
"I attended your presentation at the HASTI conference last week. Before saying anything else, I want to thank you for such an incredibly interesting and highly information educational presentation." "I want to thank you again for your keynote address at the HASTI conference last week. I had several teachers tell me on Thursday evening and Friday during the day how much they enjoyed your presentation and the valuable information you shared."
Hoosier Association of Science Teachers, Incorporated
"Thank you so much for your keynote presentation. Our superintendents and administrators are continually referencing your presentation and they sincerely appreciated having you with our group."
Genesee County Superintendents' Retreat
"Thank you SO much for your presentation. I just glanced at the survey data and they were glowing for your session! Teachers felt a sense of connection with you as an educator and they know how deeply you care for students. This creates a great opportunity for our brains to learn!" "I thought the presenter on the brain research was incredibly captivating and I would love to have had more time with him."
Palo Alto Unified School District
"Your keynote was inspiring and original! " "Thank you for the inspiring, uplifting and scientifically-rich keynote address at the NGSS Symposium. People were stopping me all day to let me know how much they appreciated your presentation."
Chabot Science Center
"I've been in education for over 37 years and yours was the best keynote address I've heard in my career. I will be quoting you for years to come." "I thoroughly enjoyed your keynote and session this morning. I appreciate the research, the knowledge and the insight that you shared today."
California Association of African-American Superintendents and Administrators
"There have been so many participants who indicated that your keynote was the highlight of their experience. I want to thank you for helping us move forward with better STEM implementation." "I had the privilege of hearing you speak twice at the Ventura County Office of Ed STEM Conference on March 9 in Camarillo, CA. I felt synapses firing and couldn't wait to share the information with my colleagues. I appreciate all you have done to further STEM Education!"
Ventura County Office of Education
"Thank you so much for your amazing lecture! I have read your work before and was so excited to hear you speak." "You are such an inspiration to so many and have made a powerful impact on so many educators' teaching practices." "The participants were, as usual, very inspired by your words and each of the workshop leaders made many references to your keynote."
California County Superintendents Educational Services Association
"Your keynote at the GSTA was by far my favorite session of the conference. I learned SO much! " "I heard nothing but positive comments about your presentation. Everyone is now a huge fan! Thanks for making our conference so engaging and, hopefully, you received some great feedback. People are already asking for your keynote presentation, so I will make it available to all. I sincerely appreciated your willingness to share your knowledge with our teachers."
Georgia Science Teachers Association
"Thank you so much for your tremendous contributions to the ISEA conference. Your keynote presentation was perfect for our organization--the best keynote in our history, and I know I wasn't the only one that felt that way! I especially appreciate the extra time that you spent at the conference networking with our members, sharing some amazing ideas, and offering your sage advice. That counts as going above and beyond the call of duty! Personally, I think we could have had a "Day with Dr. Ken Wesson" at the conference. (Perhaps that is not a bad idea for a future conference.)"
Informal Science Education Association of Texas conference
You were awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed your speech. Even as a psychiatrist, I learned quite a bit from your keynote address, as well as about how to engage an audience. You demonstrate what you advocate by your presentation style, and it's a winning strategy."
Mills College
"What a powerful presentation you just delivered at the STEAM symposium! Your address provided me with concrete information that I can use with my colleagues and our parent community about the brain benefits of STEAM education. Thank you so much for your humor, intelligence, and insight." "Thank you for your inspirational keynote and follow-up workshop. I appreciated the science-based content on how the brain works, and also your empathetic tone during the presentation and the class. In addition, you used brain-based techniques to get us talking, drawing, moving, and being creative. It was a pleasant way to spend my Saturday with other people who care so much about education."
STEAM Symposium
However, the highlight of the entire event for me was Dr. Kenneth Wesson. I listened in awe to his keynote address. It was during that time that I knew I had to attend his breakout session. Again, he did not disappoint. AWESOME is not a big enough word to describe this man! It was as if he took my beliefs about teaching and threw some neurosciences into them to back them up and give them validity for us. And then he showed me new ways to incorporate this information into how my classroom functions. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for bringing him in to speak to us. I had never heard of him before, but I will be following him and his work very closely now!
Splash Conference
I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation at the NSTA conference on July 29th. It was the best presentation that I attended! Thank you so much for your presentation! It was absolutely the best session I attended. I attended your talk on Friday of the STEM conference titled "Teaching for Invention and Creativity." First of all, I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed the session. It was my favorite session during the entire conference (and there were a number of great sessions). I only wish that it had been longer!
NSTA STEM Conference
"Dr. Wesson is an outstanding presenter. His explanation of the evolution and the importance of STEM was enlightening. I loved how he engaged the audience by having us create along with him as he discussed "materials engineering." I never truly understood the concept in practice before -- now I do."
STEM Speakers' Series