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Kay Napier Zanotti Kay Napier Zanotti
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Kay Napier Zanotti: Arbonne Global Training Celebration
Kay Napier Zanotti: CEO Centerfold

Kay Napier Zanotti

Former CEO of Arbonne International

About Kay Napier Zanotti

Kay (Napier) Zanotti is a business leader whose extensive experience in business and women's health gives her a unique perspective on marketing, success, turnarounds and other key drivers in the business world. Kay was the Chief Executive Officer of Arbonne International and President, Natural Products Group from 2009 to June, 2018. Arbonne is a 39-year-old midmarket, privately held wellness company focused on transforming lives through pure and safe plant-based products in skin care, nutrition and ...

I heard Kay Napier keynote at the Procter & Gamble alumni bash in Miami last May (and at Power Shift Forum). I was so impressed. Widely admired for her heroic turnaround of Arbonne International, Napier is an elegant woman with a no nonsense style and dry wit.

Linda Scott, Emeritus DP World Professor for Entrepreneurship and Innovation - University of Oxford and Founder, Power Shift Forum
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