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Kathy B. Dempsey is one of America's leading change experts. As President of Keep Shedding! Inc., Kathy ignites people and organizations with the motivation and practical skills to successfully lead and manage change. Some of her clients include: Mayo Clinic, Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Verizon Wireless, Disney, Procter & Gamble, Delta Air Lines, and the National Association of Healthcare Quality.

Kathy Dempsey knows change
Her "signature story" is her transformation from working as an ER/trauma nurse to becoming the first health care worker in America to be diagnosed positive for AIDS as a result of workplace exposure. Kathy received national attention as a result of this hospital-based event that made her a "poster child" for the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

The diagnosis, which was a death sentence in the mid-80s, was confirmed with multiple positive tests. Months later, all tests returned negative. Was it a miracle or medical error? Nobody can explain it. What's certain is that the three-month period Kathy lived with that traumatic diagnosis was a life-altering experience.

This event forced Kathy to learn about hard changes in life and how to adapt to them. What emerged was a new life philosophy: SHED. Today Kathy's presentations reach far beyond that experience. They are a wake-up call to provide focus, inspiration and practical tools for people to lead and manage change at work and in life. Kathy's message has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to SHED in places around the world including Europe, Canada, Africa, Mexico and across the United States.

Kathy's experience includes:

President of Keep Shedding! Inc, a company that transforms cultures, helping them to change faster with less pain - all while delivering better business results.
Author of Shed or You're Dead : 31 unConventional Strategies for Growth and Change (Writer's Digest International Book Award)
Author of Shed or You're Dead Survival Guides (Healthcare Professionals, Employee and Manager versions)
Contributing author for two New York Times Best Selling Chicken Soup for the Soul books.
Awarded 2013 Top 5 Healthcare Speaker.
Voted 2012 Top 10 Finalists in North America's Next Greatest Speaker.
Led Memorial Health Care System's strategic organizational development efforts to become one of the Top 100 Hospitals in America.
Past President, National Speaker Association, Philadelphia.
Achieved the highest earned speaker's designation in the world, the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). (Only 7% of all professional speakers hold this exclusive designation of platform excellence.)
Editor of 60 Seconds of Shedding, an e-newsletter read by over 13,000 people around the world.