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The Media: Behind the Scenes: Survival of the fittest!

It takes a special kind of individual to enter the news business. From following leads to making the phone calls and sitting down for the interview every step is filled with hard work. Then throw Breaking News into the mix and may the best man win! Some of my most memorable behind the scenes...

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News: The untold story

Fair and Balanced journalism isn't just a coin phrase used by Fox. The viewer often shapes an opinion based on what is told to them by the media. What most viewers "don't" know is, the media often filters information they want you to know rather than the whole story which is often biased. People...

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How to Be Successful in Business as a Woman: Make girlfriends!

Some of the smartest people I know are women and nowadays a higher percentage of women are the primary bread winners in their household. With this said don’t get caught up in the notion that being a woman makes it easier to be a success in the workplace. It’s quite the opposite actually. More and...

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Success Secrets: THE INTERVIEW

Get the job in your head first then convince your future boss there’s no one else that could do the job better. When you go in for a job interview don’t expect to go in there just answering questions. Do your homework! You wouldn’t take a final exam without hours of studying would you? Consider...

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What I Wished I'd Known in College: Pick a Double Major and Intern Early!

As a freshman I was among the few students who knew what I wanted to major in and the career I would be following. I figured no problem, I’ll major in Broadcast Journalism and get a job in TV News straight out of college. What I didn’t know is, I wasn’t the only student with the same mindset and...

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