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Joseph MacInnis: Deep Water and Deep Leadership
Joseph MacInnis: Leadership, James Cameron, The Titanic and Safety
Joseph MacInnis: Accelerating Leadership: The Power of Eloquence, Empathy and Endurance
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Joseph MacInnis

Explorer, Filmmaker, Medical Doctor

About Joseph MacInnis

How does it feel to be among the first to descend more than two miles under the Atlantic Ocean and position your mini-sub on the rusting deck of RMS Titanic? What is it like to spend two months diving with Academy Award winning director James Cameron during his recent $14-million expedition to make a giant-screen film called Aliens of the Deep?

Dr. Joseph MacInnis, a medical doctor and one of the world's foremost explorers, has done this and much more. He is the first person to dive and film ...

Whether under fire or underwater, leadership is like a muscle. In this action-packed account from the front lines of exploration and armed conflict, Joe MacInnis shows us how it works and how to exercise it.

JAMES CAMERON - Academy Award winning director of Titanic and Avatar

The poet laureate of the deep ocean has captured the essence of leadership in lethal environments. Here are compelling stories about its essential traits and the pathways to achieve them. Five stars!

SCOTT CARPENTER - Mercury 7 astronaut
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