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Jon Montgomery: Using failure to your advantage

Jon Montgomery

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Victoria, BC
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Jon Montgomery's life has been a whirlwind since his Olympic win in skeleton, his big-time podium moment to get the gold medal, and his now-famous victory walk through Whistler Village. But he's about more than just the frosty, golden beer that gave him instant folk-hero status with so many people from coast-to-coast-to-coast.
His inspirational presentations help capture that sense of imagination as to what's possible when you infuse passion with confidence. Jon welcomes the opportunity to get ...

Jon gave a very good presentation, very informative, well organized and delivered. You could tell from his sincerity that he has not forgotten his local roots. He blended good information with humor. I thought he delivered a very inspirational speech.

Brandon University

Jon was amazing! Really could not have asked for a better keynote for this years conference.

Northern British Columbia Tourism Association

Jon Montgomery was a memorable guest for our fundraising event. He was down to earth, lighthearted and brought a compelling message that appealed to a diverse audience.

University of Regina
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