John Sileo

John Sileo NSB, cybersecurity, cyber security, Technology & Trends John Sileo NSB, cybersecurity, cyber security, Technology & Trends
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John Sileo: Human Powered Cyber Security
John Sileo: Security Through Humor Not Fear
John Sileo: John's Story of Loss Inspires Change
John Sileo: Live iPhone Hacking Makes it Real
John Sileo: Bridging Personal & Professional Security

John Sileo

Cybersecurity Expert & Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker | Lost his multimillion-dollar business to cybercrime; Live-hacks audience members; CEO & President, The Sileo Group; Inducted into the National Speakers Hall of Fame; Certified Helicopter Parent

About John Sileo

John Sileo left hi-tech consulting for two reasons: to start a family and to launch a software startup in the earliest stages of cloud computing. Six successful years, a multimillion-dollar business and two precious daughters later, he lost the business and his wealth to cybercrime.

Because the cybercriminal, a company insider, masked the crimes using John's identity, John was held legally and financially responsible for the felonies committed. The losses destroyed his company, decimated his ...

"Highly inspiring, informative and FUN.


OUR BEST SPEAKER EVER! Funny, relevant and actionable.


If we could quantify the impact of John's cyber security presentation on our attendees, it would likely be in the millions.

Young Presidents Organization

Sileo's security awareness training stopped $300,000 in fraud just days after his presentation.

Disney/Partners FCU

A memorable bridge between personal and professional data security.

Seattle Study Club

John is a certified risk killer worth every penny.

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