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John Rossman, Creativity & Innovation, Innovation Amazon, disruption, NSB John Rossman, Creativity & Innovation, Innovation Amazon, disruption, NSB

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John Rossman helped our technology organization in many ways including giving a keynote about what being digital meant, and several tools and strategies to develop this throughout our organization. The speech resonated with the team and discussion continued far after. If you're thinking about building your digital strategy and capabilities, John will give you unique and actionable insights.
John Rossman's advise to me on the Internet of Things and the principles laid out in "The Amazon Way on IoT" has had profound impact on the company I have founded, Modjoul. Modjoul is a smart belt to reduce and manage workplace injuries. John's a master at practical advise and approaches to deliver innovative solutions.
We invited John to meet and talk to a broad base of business and student leaders. His keynote and Q&A sessions on "becoming digital" were high-energy and extremely relevant to all. If you want to understand Amazon and their leadership principals, there is no one else other than John Rossman.
Oklahoma State University
As a former Amazon executive, John Rossman provides a unique view into how a digital world may impact companies of all types and sizes. As the Internet of Things (loT) becomes more mainstream, companies need to think differently about how they interact with and provide value to customers in an ever-connected world. John uses his industry knowledge and connections to incorporate real-life examples of how some big name companies are approaching this phenomenon.
Nationwide Direct
John is perhaps one of the foremost experts on Amazon and corporate cultures that focus on innovation. His recent book on the Amazon Way is a testament to the core insights John has been able to surface. Recently, John was invited to do a forum at Xerox PARC. We were not only oversubscribed for the forum, but the audience itself gave John and his presentation the highest rank of all the seminars this past year. I highly recommend John as a speaker to all audiences interested in corporate innovation, company cultures, and the impact of emerging technology on new business models.
It was a privilege to have John Rossman speak at our March 25th, 2015, Georgia Technology Summit. Our Summit is one of the largest tech events in the SE, with over 1,300 attendees participating. This year's Summit theme was "Disruptive Innovation - The Power to Inspire". John's remarks were right on target. Combining key points in his Book, the Amazon Way, with his broader knowledge base, made for a quality presentation. One participant sent me an unsolicited note comparing John's presentation to a high-level Ted Talk. I would recommend John for speaking opportunities for an event of any size when the topic revolves around innovation and/or disruption. He was also a pleasure to work with, which is a sometimes overlooked aspect when it comes to speaker selection, yet of critical importance.
Technology Association of Georgia
We needed an expert to speak at our corporate leadership event--someone who was able to speak at length on adopting different corporate cultures and looking at business from a different perspective than our own. While people may not think of Amazon and AAA Washington as having much in common, finding ways to make a business more efficient and keeping the customer in focus is a basis for all organizations. His personal history at Amazon gave us a unique view of an incredibly successful company and what it takes to innovate, lead, and sometimes disrupt the status quo.
In planning our 2015 product organization kickoff, we looked for a speaker who could both inspire and offer practical insights on execution. We were lucky to have John Rossman present to the team. John introduced us to the key leadership principles he observed during his time at Amazon, which are also described in his excellent (and accessible) book, The Amazon Way.