Papa Joe Bradford

Papa Joe Bradford

The inspiration behind the feature-length film: "Unconditional"

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Nashville, TN, US
About Papa Joe Bradford

Born in a small country town west of Nashville, Joe Bradford grew up in great poverty along with his grandmother, mother and sister. He rarely heard from his father. As the years passed, Joe's life became increasingly turbulent - experiencing the entrapment of poverty, nearly dying from snakebite, facing time in prison for computer hacking and fighting a deadly kidney disease, but it was from these very struggles that he grew a heart for the poor and oppressed.

During his fight with kidney ...

His message of unconditional love inspires & uplifts & reminds us that no matter what our circumstances there is always hope. Students trust what he is saying because he is authentic; they know he did not let the tragedy in his own life destroy him.

LaVoe Mulgrew - Head of School - LEAD Public Schools

UHW was truly blessed by having Papa Joe Bradford as our banquet speaker. Papa Joe's true heart came to life when I saw him extend grace to the girls as they asked many unending questions.

Stephanie Curtis - UHW, Inc.

Papa Joe speaking to our students was a landmark moment for our students. He was dynamic and engaging, bringing a smile to every face, and inspiration to every heart.

Daniel Jackson - Lancaster Academy

The thing that stands out about Papa Joe is that he is genuine in his love for children & all people. Papa Joe is an incredible example of someone who not only speaks the truth about love and redemption but reveals it daily with his actions.

Gary Sloan - Sr. Vice President Domestic Operations - Feed the Children

We appreciate the staff at Premiere Speakers for facilitating such a smooth process that enabled Papa Joe to speak at Tennessee State University. It was, indeed, a memorable and empowering presentation.

Chandra, Coordinator of International Student Services & Cultural Programs - Tennessee State University

Papa Joe inspired us to examine our hearts to determine how we, too, can help young people in need. We enjoyed his down-to-earth, transparent, and motivating delivery. His presentation was evaluated very highly by the attendees.

Chandra, Coordinator of International Student Services & Cultural Programs - Tennessee State University
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