Joan Kuhl

Joan Kuhl generations, women, business, dig your heels in Joan Kuhl generations, women, business, dig your heels in

Joan Kuhl Speech Topics

Dig Your Heels In
Signature Keynote/Workshop Based on my forthcoming book of the same name, this talk helps employees and leaders make the case for change at their company and lead efforts to achieve gender equality as a business imperative and a personal career journey. Attendees will learn how other women set...
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Millennials and Gen Z: Career Planning and Feedback for Growth and Engagement
In today’s multi-generational workplace there is often a lot of mixed messages and challenges amongst managers and early career professionals. This workshop covers the seismic shifts that influenced each generation’s expectations about work and advancement to help participants crack the code on...
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The Urgency of Female Leadership
This talk is tailored to C-Suite Executives and Board of Director Level Groups; This interactive strategy session reviews Case Studies from working with executives in healthcare, finance and sports around recruiting and advancing women with research to illuminate the impact on the next generation...
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Overcoming Obstacles
Keynote, 2-Hour Workshop or Half Day Learn about the common self-limiting behaviors that hold women back and strategies to overcome Imposter Syndrome, Stifled Authenticity, the Myth of Meritocracy and Good Girl Thinking.
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Relationships Are Everything
Explore the key relationships that every woman must cultivate (with women and men) so audiences can build their network before they need it. Learn how to network for deeper connections and happiness; increase awareness about oppositional relationships, and prioritize feedback to accelerate...
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Catalyst from Within
Stand Alone Keynote/Workshop & Keynote + Panel This workshop/keynote is designed specifically for Women’s Networks (Employee Resource Groups, Affinity Groups and Associations) who want to accelerate their impact across the organization to develop future leaders and advocates for gender equality,...
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Career Epiphanies
Designed for women-only audiences This keynote leverages the science behind epiphanies providing tools to help audiences reflect on their career trajectory, diagnose their company culture and cultivate the ideal vision for their future. Through data and case studies this workshop will help...
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