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Jimmy Weldon

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A local radio personality from 1946-1950, Jimmy Weldon was an early television pioneer starring in the first children's television show in Dallas, Texas in 1950. He moved to Hollywood in 1952 and appeared in various movie and television roles. But the role he is best known for is as the voice of "Yakky Doodle" in the Yogi Bear animated series. Mr. Weldon has been a motivational speaker for over 35 years. Jimmy Weldon's book, Go Get 'Em, Tiger! has sold nearly 30,000 copies and is only available at ...

Hey, Tiger! This 24th annual Seminar was our best. Jimmy, there is no doubt in my mind that the time you spent with us has created lasting memories for the young leaders present. You have become the number one choice of so many students. We love you!

Charles B. Runnels, Chancellor - Pepperdine University Malibu, Ca

We expected less than 100 at the luncheon. . . final head count was 188. Most important was the warm reception given to you by some hot, hungry, and tired folks. . . . many said your charm, personality, wit, & motivational talk was just what they needed.

Fullmer Chapman, Past President - Maintenance Superintendents Association

. . . I have played your tape to my staff and some of them have played the tape to their staffs, so you can tell what a great impression you made. Thank you for a very entertaining and inspiring message.

Thurman Stephens, VP and General Manager - McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company T
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