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Jim Tunney

Dean of NFL Referees

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Jim Tunney had an exemplary career in sports. A former high school coach, teacher, principal and district superintendent, he had a 40-year career in officiating football and basketball. Thirty-one of those years he was an NFL Referee working a record twenty-nine post-season games including three Super Bowls, ten NFC/AFC Championship games, six Pro Bowls and twenty-five Monday Night Games. He officiated some of the most memorable games in NFL history, including "The Ice Bowl", "The Kick", "The 100th ...

In our 30-year history, I can count on one hand the number of standing ovations our speakers have received. You are one of the finest speakers we have ever had, not just in content and presentation, but also in character.

Laurie Kreuger, Executiove Director - Western Industrial Nevada

I was particularly impressed by the way you packaged your thought-provoking perspective to the concepts and objectives we are pursuing. You were able to take us through the entire range--persistence, integrity, confidence, teaming, leadership and trust.

Richard B. Waugh, Jr., Corp VP & CFO - Northrup Grumann Corp

A veteran of many speeches and presentations, I can attest that it is rare for a speaker to fascinate an audience. But you did it! The comments included "absolute delight," "he lights a fire in your belly."

Robert W. Speetzen, President/CEO - GE Capital Railcar Services
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